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MiniVac -Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

MiniVac -Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep Your Car's Interior In Top Shape!

Wipe away dust and dirt from your car's seats, walls, and floors with the MiniVac! Our premium MiniVac is backed up by a powerful motor that picks dirt up with ease.

With its compact and handheld design, the MiniVac is easy to maneuver throughout your car. Plus, the MiniVac sucks dirt out of each corner and crevice without a hassle.

Key Benefits

High Power - The MiniVac is set to suck up dust and dirt in an instant, leaving you with a clean interior. This way, your vehicle retains its freshness and beauty.

Cordless Design - There's no longer a need to worry about annoying wires when cleaning your vehicle. The MiniVac is easier to handle due to its lightweight and compact design.


Washable Filter - Experience hassle-free cleaning each time with the MiniVac. Its washable filter is more economical than the usual vacuum cleaner since you won't have to keep replacing the filter after every cleaning session.

Rechargeable Design - With one full charge, the MiniVac is capable of cleaning your whole vehicle. Simply charge it back up once battery levels run low.

*Please Allow 2-3 Week for delivery due to current COVID-19 Shipping Delays We appreciate your patience!

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